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Years of experience and a number of successful projects guarantee the quality of our product's.

About us

EZI-MIK d.o.o. was founded in 1994. We are manufacturers of amusement machines. Our main products are electronic darts. We have developed several models of electronic darts. The best and latest model is X DARTS and the most common model which we produce over 18 years is Cyberdine Turnir Dart but we stop production at year 2011. when new model came out.

Over the years we have overcome the initial difficulties in organization, development and production. Today we are a company with a lot of experience, competitive in the world market due to our high quality and accessible price products. Control is an important part of our production and all of our machines are thoroughly tested and proven.

Hardware and software, mechanical and design solutions are developed and constructed inside the company, and therefore we can satisfy all the demands of our customers.

Satisfied customers are our best reference.